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Australian made Lectrum Classic Lectern at Airshow 2023

Lectrum Classic at Avalon Airshow 2023

Over six days 248,000 people attended the Avalon 2023 Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition.

One of the highlights of the Avalon Airshow is the aerial displays, featuring an impressive lineup of military aircraft, vintage planes, and modern commercial airliners. Spectators saw a range of thrilling performances, including precision flying, aerobatics, and formation displays. The show is renowned for its impressive pyrotechnics and dynamic displays.

In addition to the aircraft displays, the Avalon Air Show also featured a wide range of aerospace and defence exhibits. These exhibits showcase the latest developments in the aviation industry, including new technologies, materials, and equipment. Visitors had the opportunity to meet with industry professionals, learn about new developments in the industry, and explore the latest products and services.

The first three days of Avalon 2023 featured a specialist conference, symposia and congress program and a Careers and Skills STEM day. Lectrum Classic Lecterns were always in front during presentations at the international event.

Avalon 2023 attracted senior civil aviation, aerospace, space and defence industry, military and government decision-makers from around the world and provided a platform for industry at all levels to promote to customers, partners and suppliers with unrivalled access to the region’s aviation, aerospace, defence and space communities.

Across the three dedicated industry days there were 48,516 attendances, which means Avalon 2023 was 24% larger than the 2019 industry event. With 794 companies at the event, this is a 14% increase in the number of companies participating.

Lectrum lecterns are ideal for a “pop up” type of prestige event of this size. Event signage and logos can be easily and quickly added to the Australian designed and manufactured Lectrum lectern. This ensures consistent event and venue branding and captures media exposure opportunities.

Lectrum Classic and Lectrum Aero are the benchmark lecterns for venues across Australia, New Zealand and globally. The lectern is easy to move into position and enhances every presentation, every time.

The Lectrum Classic lectern can be manufactured to incorporate your organisation colours and logo. Adding a logo ensures your venue name is front and centre at every function and event. The Lectrum lectern alloy frame has a scratch resistant coating that is available in various colours.

Contact Lectrum for more details or visit www.lectrum.com.au Lectrum is 100% Australian. No supply chain risk.

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