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Build your Lectrum Lectern online

A company logo or school crest is a great way to complement your lectern as well as display your brand identity to your audience. Wilson & Gilkes offer an extensive logo service having supplied lecterns fitted with logos for many different businesses including Westin Hotels, Palazzo Versace, McDonald College and Wesley College to name a few.
build your lectrum

Visualise your design before you purchase.

Try different finishes and colour options and test your logo, instantly online. The preferences can be converted directly into an online enquiry.

Lectrum Aero Series

Winner of the Australian Design Award and Prince Phillip Award for Communication. The lectern of choice for leading hotels, conference centres and corporations. The Aero Lectern is the culmination of customer feedback and product refinement over many years.

Lectrum Classic Series

The lectern of choice for leading hotels, conference centres and corporations. Designed by an award winning product designer working with the Lectrum production team. The Lectrum Classic Series is the winner of two major design awards.
Other Models

classic lectern Lectrum CTL Models Aero & Classic Series

Controlling everything from light to sound is convenient and easy with the Lectrum CTL Lectern fitted with touchscreen control. It makes for smooth seamless presentations with presenter in complete control of all functions at the touch of a button.

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