Lectern FAQs

What is the difference between the Classic and Aero Series Lecterns?

The Classic Series is based on the original Lectrum design. The ageless look has withstood the test of time and thousands of this model are in use in Australia and throughout the world. The Aero Series is the result of a collaboration of the Lectrum sales and production team and a leading Australian designer. The dynamic design incorporates many of the things we have been asked for by our customers over many years. For instance:

• A large integrated logo space at the top. Which means it’s included in any media coverage.

• Concealed cable management systems with microphone and LV power cables hidden in the leg and terminated in a connection box on the lower cross bar. Keeps everything neat and tidy.

• A permanently attached 6″ reading light (the other models use a 12″ light with BNC connector). This means the light does get lost, it also means the light is hidden from the view of the audience.

• A low level light to gently illuminate the dress panel.

How do I choose the right model for me?

It’s a personal preference, but let’s talk in general terms.
For 4 and 5 star hotels and conference centres the Aero Series has definitely become the model of choice. In fact it was designed with the market in mind. The Classic Series is a good general purpose lectern.

How do I configure my Lectrum Lectern?

We offer several Lectrum models with four frame colours and a range of decorator colours for the fabric dress panel, plus a wide range of accessories and options.

We understand it can be confusing so here’s what we suggest for a start.

• Select a style (Classic or Aero) and model (particular features)
• Select a frame colour (silver, gold, black or white)
• Select a dress panel colour
• Add any accessories (e.g. logo, notebook PC shelf)

Here’s a few suggestions that might help.

A black frame and a Black fabric dress panel is the most popular choice, followed by silver with Coal panel.
For a clean, contemporary look, silver works really well. Particularly with a Noir or Silver dress panel.

Can AV touch screen control panels such as AMX® and Creston® can be fitted to Lectrum models?

Yes, Lectrum Classic CTL models are designed for this purpose.

What are the most popular accessories?

Logos – we offer a comprehensive logo layout service to help you make the best use of your logo with Lectrum. A logo adds the finishing touch and further personalises your Lectrum to help convey your organisation’s image.

Notebook PC Shelf – with more and more presentations using a Notebook PC Shelf this has become a popular and much used accessory. It means the Lectrum top surface is kept clear for the presenter’s papers.

Can I brand my Lectrum?

We can integrate your logo into the Lectrum, to achieve this high quality finish we need your logo supplied as high resolution (400 dpi) in Adobe Illustrator or EPS format.

Can you create custom frame and panel finishes?

Matching the Lectrum colours to compliment your venue décor is a service we offer. We can provide custom frame colours and special panel finishes. Just contact Lectrum Sales for assistance.

How easy is the Lectrum to assemble?

Lectrum lecterns are shipped in custom designed, export quality flat packaging. One carton for the Classic Series and two for Aero Series. No tools are required for assembly apart from the hex keys (Allen keys) supplied. The lecterns are quick and easy to assemble. The Classic Series has 2 bolts to secure the top and 4 bolts to secure the feet to the legs. The Aero has 4 bolts for the top and 4 bolts for the feet. Assembly should be carried out in a clean, carpeted area.

What is the power supply used for?

Depending on the Lectrum model, the universal 12V power supply provides power for the light, LCD clock and phantom power for condenser microphones. None of these features will operate without power to the lectern. The clock has battery back up to retain settings.