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Lectrum Aero at Australian industry event

Lectrum Aero at Launch of Ai Group’s Defence Suppliers Network in Penrith

The security of Australia’s global supply chains is under increasing strain. This is driven by both ‘traditional’ supply chain challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as ‘strategic’ factors associated with rising geopolitical competition. While supply chain risks are felt economy-wide, they are especially pressing for defence and defence industries. There is now a widely recognised need to invest in improving the resilience of defence supply chains.

Since 2020, a range of strategies have been developed to improve the security of Australian defence supply chains. Similar efforts have been launched by Australia’s allies and defence partners, including the US, UK, Japan and several others.

Defence will spend more than $270b over the course of this decade. The Department of Defence is a unique organisation and participating in its supply chains can seem complex and overwhelming. Navigating a path into that market can be challenging for small to medium-sized businesses. Ai Group is actively assisting NSW business to be part of this essential industry.

Ai Group has the connections to support all businesses which aspire to provide services to Australia’s Defence industry. The Defence Suppliers Network assists businesses in Western Sydney to become ‘defence ready’ and then helps to access state, national and global defence supply chain opportunities.

The Network provides specialist advice and connection to the multiple avenues of defence procurement including non-defence industry procurement, and access to multiple supply chain opportunities with Defence suppliers. It also provides best-in-class training and development to help business become ‘defence ready’. The network is supported and partially funded by Defence NSW and the Western Parkland City Authority.

With the support of Penrith City Council and the Western Parkland City Authority (WPCA), Ai Group’s Defence Suppliers Network in Penrith was launched in February. The Australian designed and manufactured Lectrum Aero lectern was in use at the launch function.

Lectrum Aero is ideal for venues with multiple function rooms. It is easy to move into position and presents well every time. The Lectrum frame structure has a scratch resistant coating that is available in various colours.

The Lectrum Aero can be manufactured to include your organisation logo. Adding a logo ensures your venue name is front and centre at every function and event.

Contact Lectrum for more details or visit www.lectrum.com.au Lectrum is 100% Australian. No supply chain risk.

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