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Lectrum lectern adds professionalism and authority to any presentation

Three benefits of using a Lectrum Lectern in your next presentation or media conference

Lectrum lecterns are used in meetings and presentations all over the world.

A lectern, also known as a podium, is a piece of furniture used to hold notes or a book for a speaker or presenter during a speech, presentation, or sermon.

Lecterns can be found in a variety of settings, including convention centres, classrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, and places of worship.

A Lectrum Lectern will help a speaker deliver their message effectively and with confidence.

This month we are looking at the Lectrum Classic, a model that’s very popular in the staging and rental industry.

The metal alloy frame has a scratch resistant heavy duty powder coat that is applied during manufacture. That coating makes the Lectrum Classic lectern ideal to withstand the rigors of moving from room to room or transporting from venue to venue.

Key features of our most popular Lectrum Classic L20 S model include:

  • Large lipped area to securely hold presenters’ notes and documents
  • Reading light and switch built into the top section
  • Dual XLR microphone sockets
  • Front dress panel is compatible with “hook & loop” tape for removable signage
  • The colour of both the dress panel and frame can be customised to your choice
  • Adjustable levelling feet comes as standard on the Lectrum Classic, or you can choose optional castors for easy movement of the lectern
  • The Lectrum Classic can also be fitted with an optional slide out laptop shelf
  • Lectrum lectern assembly is quick and easy, and all tools are supplied
  • Classic series top can be removed for flat packing

Three benefits of using a Lectrum Lectern in your next presentation or media conference.

1. Enhanced Organization and Focus:

One of the primary benefits of using a Lectrum lectern is the ability to maintain an organized structure during a lecture. The Lectrum lectern provides a designated space to hold notes, scripts, and visual aids, ensuring that the speaker can easily access and reference them. This promotes a smooth flow of information and reduces the chances of the speaker becoming disoriented or losing track of their key points. By maintaining a centralized hub for materials, the Lectrum lectern helps speakers maintain focus and deliver their message with clarity and coherence.

2. Professional Appearance:

    A Lectrum lectern adds a touch of professionalism and authority to any presentation. It serves as a physical anchor, signifying the importance and gravity of the occasion. The presence of a Lectrum lectern adds a touch of professionalism and authority to any presentation also helps to establish a clear boundary between the speaker and the audience, creating a distinct visual distinction and commanding attention. The elevated position of the Lectrum lectern adds a touch of professionalism and authority to any presentation further adds to the speaker’s stature, allowing them to establish a commanding presence in the room.

    3. Improved Posture and Body Language:

    Using a Lectrum lectern encourages speakers to maintain an upright and confident posture throughout their lecture. By providing a stable platform, it enables the speaker to stand tall and maintain proper body alignment, which is essential for projecting a confident and engaging presence. Additionally, the Lectrum lectern serves as a physical anchor that minimizes excessive movements and distractions, allowing the audience to focus on the speaker’s words and gestures.

    Lectrum Classic and Lectrum Aero are the benchmark lecterns for venues across Australia, New Zealand and globally.

    All Lectrum lecterns are 100% designed and manufactured in Australia.

    Contact Lectrum (T) +61 2 9914 0900 or sales@lectrum.com.au

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