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Maximise your brand with Lectrum Lecterns

Venue Marketing using Lectrum Lecterns

Lectrum Aero lecterns are very popular in venues and conference centres. Some of the Aero Lectern features include;

Using a Lectrum Lectern you can maximise your brand awareness at functions and media events

In today’s competitive business landscape, establishing a strong brand presence is crucial for the success of any company. Brand awareness plays a pivotal role in capturing the attention of potential customers and building a loyal customer base. While various marketing channels contribute to brand visibility, functions and events provide a unique opportunity to showcase your brand in a more personalised and engaging manner.

Pre-Event Promotion

Creating anticipation and generating buzz prior to the function is key to maximizing brand awareness. Leverage your existing marketing channels, such as social media, email newsletters, and your website, to inform your target audience about your participation. Develop compelling content that highlights your brand’s value proposition, unique offerings, and any exclusive promotions or giveaways available at the function. Encourage attendees to spread the word by providing shareable content and incentives for referrals.

At the event

When designing your event layout focus on creating a visually appealing and cohesive brand experience. Utilise your brand’s color palette, logo, and fonts consistently across all materials, including the Lectrum lectern, banners, signage, brochures, and promotional merchandise. Make sure your branding elements are eye-catching, memorable, and reflective of your brand’s personality and values. Incorporate interactive elements, such as touch screens or virtual reality experiences, to captivate attendees and leave a lasting impression.

Use the Lectrum Lectern to expose your organisation brand at the function or media event.

The Lectrum Lectern has been designed to integrate organisation logos. The team at Lectrum lecterns can assist with guidance on logo options. Send us your artwork and we will create a logo that is supplied with your Lectrum lectern. Some of the huge range of functions and events where Lectrum Lectern logos have been used includes;

Engage with Attendees

Building personal connections with attendees is essential for leaving a positive and lasting impression. Train your staff to be approachable, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about your brand. Encourage them to initiate conversations, actively listen to attendees’ needs, and provide tailored solutions. Consider offering personalized consultations or mini-workshops that address attendees’ pain points and demonstrate how your product or service can solve their problems. By fostering genuine interactions, you can establish trust, create brand advocates, and generate word-of-mouth referrals.

Remember, every function is an opportunity to build connections, foster relationships, and create brand advocates that will drive the growth and success of your business. The Lectrum lectern tag line is “always in front”. The audience will be focused on the stage during the presentation. Use that focus to promote your brand with the Lectrum lectern.

Post-Event Follow-Up

Don’t let the connection end when the function concludes. Follow up with attendees who showed interest in your brand or left their contact information. If appropriate, send personalised thank-you emails expressing your appreciation for their visit and offer additional resources, exclusive promotions, or invitations to upcoming events. By nurturing these leads post-event, you can convert potential customers into loyal brand advocates.

Lectrum Classic and Lectrum Aero are the benchmark lecterns for venues across Australia, New Zealand and globally.

All Lectrum lecterns are 100% designed and manufactured in Australia.

Contact Lectrum (T) +61 2 9914 0900 or sales@lectrum.com.au

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